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Meet Spud In The Box’s New Drummer Joshua Singh

The 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist plans to play the ukelele alongside carrying drumming duties with the Mumbai band

Mumbai six-member band Spud In The Box have been in limbo [read busy with exams] since early May when drummer Vivaan Kapoor announced his departure from the two-year-old band. In the meantime, the members have been playing odd gigs as collaborators with artists such as Siddharth Basrur. Last Sunday, they returned to gigging, playing a set at St Gregorios High School’s festival, Odyssey 2013, with their newest recruit, drummer Joshua Singh. The 18-year-old Singh recently returned from Chennai’s Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music after having completed a guitar course. Says guitarist Siddharth Talwar of Singh, when we meet the band at a jam session at Sion’s That Studio, “With the first gig itself [with Singh] we started feeling like a band.” Â

Singh, who has been focusing on mastering the guitar for the last two years, says that he will continue to practise both the drums and the guitar. Says Singh, “I wouldn’t say I’m a drummer or a guitarist, but I play both so it’s an advantage for me as well as the band. I’ve played the drums for so long that I’m comfortable with the instrument. So when I chose the guitar, it opened me up to a different space of music altogether… like rhythm and harmony fit so well now.  Whenever we take break, I practise my guitar, so I’m still playing both instruments.”Â

At their upcoming performance at BOMB Thursdays on August 1st, Singh plans to bring his game A to the show. “I’ve already forced them to get me to play guitars on every acoustic set and Ankit (Dayal, vocalist) wants me to play the ukelele [alongwith drums] for the next gig,” says Singh.


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