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Joshua Singh

Music Producer | Songwriter | Multi-instrumentalist

Dear reader, 
Thank you for being here. Hopefully you're reading this because you've listened to some of my music, and enjoyed it :) 
 Since you're here, I thought I'd tell you a bit about me.
I love making music. I love playing music. I love feeling out an arrangement, and I love giving melodies perspective.
My music mirrors what my experience feels like. With every release, I learn more about myself and in turn learn to be as honest and clear in my forms of expression. 
This is the sound of me letting go, albeit in an unhurried, easy-going fashion. Whether it may be called, "indie soul", "alternative pop" or "patient pop music", that's as close to a perfect definition as anyone is likely to come.
After all, I believe in the idea of impermanence and it helps make evident to me that I'v come a long way, but there's always further to go…
- JS


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