Dear reader, 

Thank you for being here. 
 Hopefully you're reading this because you've listened to some of my music, and enjoyed it :) 

Since you're here, I thought I'd tell you a bit about me.

I love making music. I love playing music. 
I love feeling out an arrangement, and I love giving melodies perspective. 

My music mirrors what my experience feels like.

With every release, I learn more about myself and in turn learn to be as honest and clear in my forms of expression. 

This is the sound of me letting go, albeit in an unhurried, easy-going fashion. Whether it may be called, "indie soul", "alternative pop" or "patient pop music", that's as close to a perfect definition as anyone is likely to come.

After all, I believe in the idea of impermanence and it helps make evident to me that I'v come a long way, but there's always further to go…

- JS, Dec 2020

 * * * 

Joshua Singh is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Mumbai, India. 

As a producer, he has worked with Sonu Nigam, Hard Kaur and Taba Chake. Most notably, he performed as the drummer and co-producer for acclaimed independent band Spud In The Box, touring across India extensively to perform at festivals including NH7 Weekender, Ragasthan, Red Bull Tour Bus and the Kala Ghoda festival. He has been composing and producing music since the age of 12. 

Singh also works at his family run music studio and copyright services agency called JoshuaInc, where he records and produces music for various artists. 

His last single, ‘All I Ever Learnt’, was released with an elegant music video that has now crossed 30,000 views organically. Breakfast In Bed, has been streamed more than 20,000 times on Spotify since it released on June 28th, while the crowd-sourced music video, featuring real couples from around the world, has received more than 8,000 organic views on YouTube. Singh’s debut EP, Understudy, released in September 2019 to positive reviews. 

His father Raju Singh, an esteemed composer and music director and his grandfather, Charanjit Singh​, is known for his diversity within the field; he is considered a pioneer of acid house internationally and is famous for his colourful release ‘Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat’.