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DSCVR ON: Joshua Singh, kokum, Sahir, Social Cig, Lost In Japan, Alta Falls and more

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

TECO APPLE is part of the influencer team on the SubmitHub platform, probably the best place to ensure listening, feedback and attention from most online music curators. There, we can discover a series of new artists and songs sent by them. In this curatorship, we selected names that call our attention and deserve recognition for the submitted work. This is the DSCVR ON section.

Joshua Singh, kokum & Sahir“Breakfast in Bed”

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Singh , singer-songwriter kokum and rapper Sahir , three big names in the Mumbai music scene, collaborated on the lovely single “Breakfast In Bed” . The track tells a surreal love story that oscillates between experimental hip hop, R&B and electronic music. Produced by Singh, the song includes lush piano parts and kokum's calming vocals, while Sahir delivers the old school hip hop rhymes. “Breakfast in Bed” is also an inclusive bilingual record of the multilingual and multicultural city of Mumbai.

The music video, directed by Dean Donald, follows real-life couples in the joyful and tender moments of being together and sharing their love for each other while living in quarantine. Singh ekokum tell:

“When the virus hit, our discussions about love and romance got interesting. No more dates, no more fancy bars and restaurants… no more distractions. The team looked to our own family and friends in relationships to explore what love in lockdown looks like.”


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