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See Joshua Singh, k o k u m And Sahir’s Adorable Video for Their Collab ‘Breakfast In Bed’

The clip features real-life couples in tender and joyous moments Mumbai-based artists; multi-instrumentalist-producer Joshua Singh (who drums for alt-rockers Spud in the Box), singer-songwriter k o k u m and rapper Sahir recently collaborated on a slick R&B offering titled “Breakfast In Bed.”

According to the artists, the song came together in just a day. Produced by Singh, the track includes lush piano parts and calming vocals from k o k u m while Sahir showcases old-school hip-hop delivery. “It was a right place, right time kind of moment since I was never meant to be on the song in the first place,” says k o k u m. Singh adds, “Both of them happened to be at the studio for different reasons but ideas clicked and that was it. We knew we had something.”

Sahir says that both Singh and k o k u m are “heavy thinkers.” He tells us that their similarities in music are what made the process interesting. “Knowing the purpose and meaning of each element is really important for us,” he says.

Lyrically “Breakfast In Bed” was born out of a conversation the artists had about love, romance and illusions. “We often think of love in these cinemascope, Instagrammed moments. When in fact, the entirety of love lies in the most mundane, routine dances of our lives,” explains k o k u m. Sahir – who generally uses surrealism as part of his songwriting – was keen on building upon a basic situation in a more grandiose approach. He says, “The simple idea of breakfast in bed, turned into this romanticized version of showing affection.” Singh hopes that people tuning into the song walk away with the message that “love doesn’t need to be disruptive but be taken rather patiently.”

The track’s charming video – edited by videographer Dean Donald – sees real-life couples in joyous and tender moments of being together and sharing their love for one another as they live through the quarantine with each other. Singh and k o k u m both chime in and say, “When the virus hit, our discussions of love and romance got interesting. No more dates, no more fancy bars and restaurants… no more distractions. The team looked to our own family and friends in relationships to explore what love in lockdown looks like.”

For each of the three artists, the lockdown has been insightful and a learning curve of needing to celebrate life more, as they’ve portrayed in the video. In the pipeline is a new track by k o k u m titled “The Yellow Brick Road” which is a look at the Black Lives Matter movement from an Indian’s perspective. Sahir is currently working on an EP while Singh has a new single coming out in September as well as a music video for one of the tracks off his 2019 record Understudy.


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