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Joshua Singh talks about his new single 'All I Ever Learnt'

Joshua Singh debuted just last year with his EP, Understudy in September 2019 and was received positively by both the listeners and critics.

Joshua Singh is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist music producer from Mumbai, India. He hails from a music family and is a third generation musician.

His father, Raju Singh is an established musician and composer and is known in Bollywood known for his work in popular films such as : Metro, Aashiqui 2, Kesari etc.

His grandfather Chiranjit Singh is a recognised pioneer in the field of ACID HOUSE MUSIC in the World of Music. Besides this, he has been a permanent crew of the Great S.D. Burman & R.D. Burman. HIs album "Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat". created in the 80's stands testimony to the relevance of his music and sound even today.

Successful Start Propelling His Rise

Joshua is successfully contributing to his family's legacy. Singh debuted just last year with his EP, Understudy in September 2019 and was received positively by both the listeners and critics. His songs have interesting themes and his music is one of the best among the emerging indie artists as it sounds crisp and fresh with the soothing vocals sung by Joshua.

The video of his last release , "Breakfast In Bed'' featured an "out of the Box' Novel idea, wherein they featured real couples from around the world. The concept has captured the imagination of the audience of today & has been a hit on YouTube and Spotify.

Joshua About His New Project, "All I Ever Learnt"

"All I Ever Learnt" is inspired by Joshua's deep sense of understanding about his surroundings and his music which has been maturing with time to create its own distinctive sound and style. The Music Video is directed by Tanvi Gandhi and is focussed on portraying - the feeling of isolation and importantly, how our past memories and emotions only exist in the context of the present. One of the talking points of 'All I Ever Learnt' or a 'bit of it's large legacy' is that it features the first ever bass guitar used in Bollywood - a guitar that is approx 50 years old. !!! This guitar belonged to his grandfather, Chiranjit Singh , who was one of the First Bass guitarist in the Bollywood Film Industry.

Early Work And Tours

Joshua has been composing and producing music since the age of 12. He has been blessed to work with a plethora of artistes - ranging from the mighty Sonu Nigam, the inimitable Hard Kaur and the surreal Taba Chake.

His initial works have been as co-producer & Drummer for acclaimed independent band "Spud In The Box", touring across India . They extensively performed at festivals including NH7 Weekender, Ragasthan, Red Bull Tour Bus and the Kala Ghoda festival.

Joshua is confident that his music has its audience. We wish the young star Joshua Singh all the very best for his upcoming projects and a successful & Happy future.

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