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Mumbai pop rock band Spud In The Box takes to stage in the city tonight After six years of being together, and an album later, Mumbaibased alternative rockers, Spud In The Box, are still going strong, unlike bands that get together in college, only to fall apart when they set out into the real world. “We were bullheaded about our commitment to music right from the start,” said Ankit Dayal, vocalist-guitarist. The band’s formative days were spent gigging and rehearsing with rigour to find a definitive sound, which has evolved from the frenzied pop of “Attention Please” from their debut EP by the same name to more measured pop rock in songs such as “Institute of Madness” in their debut album, Lead Feet Paper Shoes, which was released last year. In the city tonight, they tell us that the rush from gigging has not faded even though they wrapped up a 15-city tour just last year. “When we are on stage, we turn on a switch mentally and get absorbed in the energy of the gig,” said Dayal, who says Pune is where he likes to keep coming back for an encore. “But factors like how a crowd reacts to our music influences our performances to a certain degree,” he added. On a good week, they jam for hours to hone their chops. Playing with other musicians, listening to music, and focusing on songwriting play an important role in their lives. “I would say it is cyclical: you listen to new music, practice, write songs, and then contribute,” said Dayal. Despite line-up changes (the band recruited a new drummer — Joshua Singh — in 2013), the decision to stick it out has kept their synergy alive. Their selffunded debut album, which was in the works since 2013, marked a milestone in their career. The full-time musicians worked on commercial projects for over a year to fund their dream. “Apart from being musicians, most of us produce music commercially,” added Dayal. Now that they have an album to fall back on, Spud In The Box is faced with a pertinent question — what next? To find an answer, they only have to look as far back as six years ago. “Forming this band was the most important decision we took in our lives. We don’t aim to disappear as there is still much music left in us,” said Dayal. WHERE: Hard Rock Café, Koregaon Park WHEN: May 11, 8.30 pm onwards

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