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Watch: All I Ever Learnt by Joshua Singh

Exactly a year ago Mumbai multi-instrumentalist and producer Joshua Singh released his debut five-track solo EP titled Understudy. The musician, who also drums for alt-rockers Spud in the Box, followed that up by collaborating with singer-songwriter k o k u m and rapper Sahir on the R&B offering ‘Breakfast in Bed’ last July. Now, Singh is back with a fresh minimal electronica track called ‘All I Ever Learnt,’ accompanied by a stunning visual.

While the song features layered vocal parts moulded well together with breezy synths and delicate guitar lines, however, it is the video that really propels the track to the next level. Directed by Tanvi Gandhi, the clip treats us to a scenic view of breathtaking mountains, a crisp lake and a grey sky that captures the mood of the music to a tee. In between scenes, we see bubbles and also people dressed in bubble wrap to symbolize “fragile objects from breaking.”

In a statement to the press, Gandhi adds, “We are all wrapped up in several layers of complexity which often come in the way of finding secure attachment and stable ground.” What she has served up with her vibrant creativity is a mesmerizing and calming display of a desolate landscape, mixed in with silhouettes and of course, bubbles.

‘All I Ever Learnt’ was produced and mixed by Singh while ace sound engineer Ayan De mastered the track. With this project now completed, next on the agenda for the musician is another music video release for one of the tracks from Understudy.

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