About Joshua Singh

I’m a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Mumbai, India.

In 2013, I joined a band called Spud In The Box – playing drums, then co-producing, and eventually touring around the country. We even won an award: “Best Rock Band – People’s Choice” at the Radio City Freedom Awards.

In 2016, we released a concept audio-visual album: “Lead Feet Paper Shoes” covered in Rolling Stone India and many other platforms.

I have been performing and producing music since I was 12 years old. As a multi-instrumentalist, I have worked on projects as a drummer, guitarist, vocalist and producer.

At my music studio, JoshuaMusic I’ve also had the opportunity to record and produce music for amazing artists like Hard Kaur, Taba Chake, and Dopedelicz.

Understudy is my debut EP. It involves people who are very close to me. Featuring guest appearances by Rachel Singh, k o k u m, Sid Vashi, Ajay Jayanti, and Rajeev Prasanna, the songs are also accompanied by a set of 5 inkwork expressions by Aditiya Singh, an upcoming artist in Mumbai and one of my oldest and best friends. We created different pieces for each song that give some visual context to each track.

To some listeners, the same moments, the 5-track, ‘Electronic Soul’ EP might suggest either pain, or joy. It commits to neither. It is music that looks at life, and emotion, from a “third perspective.” Leaving the listener to draw their own conclusions.

With this EP, I’m trying to establish myself as a solo artist, collaborating with musicians and other artists through production and songwriting.

I guess I’ve realized that I’m very easily influenced – by the people around me – my family, my friends, the artists in my studio, and the band members I’m collaborating with. In some sense, I’m very receptive to the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of others.

To create Understudy, I disappeared for a while. It was important for me to detach from the influences, and even from the people around me, to discover my own identity – for the first time.

This is me. This is my music that I would like to share with the world.